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We are the most highly trained and experienced scalp micropigmentation clinic in Atlanta. At Scalp Masters we offer 3D hair simulation; a simple and affordable solution from which all victims of hair loss benefit greatly. Our clients who have suffered from alopecia, cancer treatments and invasive hair transplant surgeries have had their confidence restored with this life changing procedure. In fact, many consider scalp micropigmentation by Scalp Masters to be the best non-surgical solution to hair loss in Atlanta.

We are licensed estheticians with years of experience applying scalp micropigmentation. Commonly used in the permanent makeup industry, micropigmentation is rapidly becoming the most popular solution for receding hairlines, crown balding, male and female pattern baldness, hair restoration scar correction and even scar camouflage.

We are currently welcoming new clients to take advantage of this exciting and proven procedure, so please do not hesitate to schedule a free consultation or request more information on scalp micropigmentation.

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Please take a look at the stunning results we have achieved for our valued clients below; and know that this website contains no stock images or hired models, these are all actual clients of Scalp Masters!

3D Hair Simulation

Here is a before and after picture of how 3D hair simulation solved one of the most common hair thinning issues, crown balding.

3d hair simulation atlanta

As you can see, using our specialized technique of hair simulation, we have effectively reversed the appearance of crown balding.

hair thinning solutions

Hair Follicle Simulation

Here are some other angles of the same client which show how the Scalp Masters technique increases the appearance of hair density.

Hair Thinning Solution

scalp micropigmentation for thinning hair

Here is another client who has benefited with our realistic 3D hair simulation solution to his hair thinning.

smp correction

This client has a brand new look through hair follicle simulation.

Hair Transplantation Correction

scalp micropigmentation clinic in atlanta

Many of our clients have experienced an unsuccessful hair transplantation. As you can see the results we have achieved with our hair transplantation correction are amazing.

scalp micropigmentation information

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What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation, or SMP, is the highly specialized procedure of cosmetic tattooing hair follicles and very short natural looking hair on the scalp thereby adding color to the skin. SMP creates the appearance of either closely cropped or fuller, thicker hair depending on your individual situation and the scalp micropigmentation technique chosen.

Because the results are so incredibly realistic, both men and women considering the best hair loss treatment available in the Atlanta market, SMP has become the most preferred and feasible hair loss solution.

More Hair Thinning Correction Clients

scalp micropigmentation clinic

frontal crown balding solution

scalp micropigmentation before and after

hair simulation

crown balding solutions

hair restoration before and after

If you are ready to discuss having this incredible appearance of a youthful head of cropped hair, please call us today!

Hair Restoration Scar Camouflage

We were able to fill in a bald spot on this client with a hair restoration scar camouflage micropigmentation technique. Where before there was a visible gap in the hairline, it is now completely filled in!

hair restoration scar camouflage

The Scalp Masters Team

scalp masters of atlanta team

If you have any questions about SMP we are here to help!